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Customer Help Line Center is well known for its service of refrigerators, which are also known as fridge. Our health depends on food we eat every day and these products are stored in fridge. Refrigerator plays a vital role in everyday life. As the usage is on higher side it slows down or stops working due to this.
Our Service Center, engineers can repair and service all models of refrigerator like, Double Door, Single Door, and Commercial fridges.
Our technician arrives at customer home as soon as possoble to solve problem in your Customer machine.
  •   Single Door Refrigerators
  •   Double Door Refrigerators
  •   Side by Side Refrigerators

Refrigerator/Fridge general Service Issues

  •   If your refrigerator performance starts to lag, it is better to contact us before it breaks down completely. Repairs are often quick and easy.
  •   The refrigerator is getting too cool
  •   The refrigerator is not cooling enough
  •   The refrigerator is working, but the freezer does not
  •   The freezer works but the refrigerator does not get cold enough


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